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Making a difference by connecting data with processes and operations to create a seamless patient and clinician experience.

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We take a human-first approach to healthcare.

What is Blackbox?

When many hear the term black box, they are reminded of aviation – a recording device found on aircrafts that holds imperative information to analyze and decode any flight. Here at Blackbox Healthcare Solutions we can do just that with your healthcare system’s data. From the emergency room to the PACU, from the units to the patient discharging, there are a multitude of wheels working within a hospital. If one area is not performing at its highest potential, all areas can be affected leading to patient dissatisfaction, internal leakage, and lost revenue. We invite you to take off with Blackbox and enjoy the view from the top.

As COVID-19 swept through the country, many states witnessed healthcare systems struggling. Unable to affectively process throughput, hospitals quickly became overworked, overloaded, and overcrowded. There is no time like the present to strengthen operations and improve capacity for innovation. With Blackbox Healthcare Solutions, we’ll collaborate with your teams to analyze data and processes, establishing solutions to maximize throughput and meet financial goals, allowing your hospital to soar into the future of healthcare.

What Differentiates Us

Leadership experience at a large, multi-state health system ACO.

Transfer center and patient throughput innovation and pioneering.

Vendor management, involvement, and partnership expertise.

Reporting to create visibility, accountability, and improvement actions.

Management of COVID pandemic at both the health system and state levels.

Restructuring to remove siloed buckets ensuring streamlined operations.

Process improvement to accomplish financial and patient satisfaction goals.

Staffing optimization and productivity efficiency.

work with us

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Our Mission

We exist to simplify the lives of hospital leaders, clinicians, and the patients they serve.

The future

We envision a healthcare industry that leverages process improvement and connectivity to reduce barriers to care. With this, patients achieve their maximum level of health and coordination with their healthcare practitioner.


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